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To couples everywhere who are having to postpone/cancel and re-think their wedding plans, we are with you and want you to know that love is not cancelled. 


Your wedding will be perfect and this is the perfect reminder. 


Know someone who's wedding was affected, this is the perfect gift to send to them as a reminder that their wedding is about their LOVE. Perfect shower gift or just a simple act of kindness. 


I am so proud to be apart of an incredible community of wedding professionals who are working double time right now to alter plans. 


Let's support one another! Together we will get through this XOXO 




shipping included 

No returns or exchanges. 

pre-order form

to order more please fill out another form. pricing is dependent on shipping costs for one unit. 


Please send payment $45 to @elizabethannehogan


If you have any questions please email us beth

Thanks for submitting your order.

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